Causes of the civil war

  • Missouri compromise

    A compromise that made an imaginary line that made free states come in to the north of the line and slave states to the south of the line. It contributed to the civil war by making some believe that one place had more land and at cailfornia which was in between the line
  • Tarrif of abominations

    A high tarrif law that was passed in 1828 which was called the tariff of abominations because it favored the northern industrial economy and hurt the southern economy.
  • Nat turner's rebellion

    A slave rebellion that killed 55 to 65 people, This led to the civil war because it showed northerners how the southern people are causing problems in the country
  • Texas Annexation

    When texas joined as a state in 1845. Contributed to the civil war because texas had to wait for years to join the union because a free state was not ready to join and texas was a LARGE state coming into the union as a slave state.
  • Mexican American War

    The war fought to gain the land west of texas, This war gained the south land all the way to the west coast. By doing so this could very possibly have a lot to do with the issue of california and is it were to be a free or a slave state in the union since it was on both sides of the missouri compromise line
  • Compromise of 1850

    a bunch of compromises that helped the problems with the slave states and the free states. It led to civil war because it banned slave trade in D.C. it got the north california and it angered the southerners.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    A book wrote about anti-slavery. This could lead to a civil war by showing that the northerners are to different from southerners and see them as uncivilized so they would break away from the union.
  • Kansas-Nebraska act

    Repeals the missouri compromis line and lets the men in kansas and nebrask and other territories get to chose for slave or state through popular sovereignty. This could make the number of slave states to the number of free states go uneven causing great conflict by turning something in favor of one political point of view from majority.
  • Bleeding kansas 1854-1861

    Many violent happenings in kansas over the popular sovereignty of whether kansas would be a free or slave state. This leads to a civil war by showing each side how did=fferent they are and how violent the other side is and that they need to control them.
  • Dredd scott v sanford

    Disallowed any africans whether free or slave to be an american citizen. Civil war could be caused by this because it shows that the africans are not being treated equally and thatthe culture of north and south are too different to be as one.
  • Lincoln Douglas debates

    Debates by lincoln( a candidate for senetor) and douglas(a senetor) mostly about slavery. This led to civil war because now these slave and anti slave instances were getting majorly into the government and the people were fighting more about there ideas such as in bloody kansas.
  • John brown's raid on harpers ferry

    A white abolitionalist attempted to provoke an armed slave revolt. The north is going beyond its limits and invading the south to get their political views more attention and the south doesn't like it
  • The republican party starts

    first republican president gets elected which is abraham lincoln.
  • Lincolns election

    Before lincoln is elected a few states get together and form the confederacy to break away from the union. This is the start of the civil war basically where the country splits in two