Causes Of The Civil War

By raven66
  • Gradual Emencipation In Pennsylvania

    Gradual Emencipation In Pennsylvania
    No new slaves can be brought into the state, and the children of all existing slaves will be freed when they turn 28. Slaves born before July 4, 1780 are condemned to a lifetime of servitude, only those born after 4 July 1780 will be born free.
  • Northwest Ordinance

    Northwest Ordinance
    Slavery is prohibited in the territories north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River.
  • Whitney Invents Cotton Gin

    Whitney Invents Cotton Gin
    Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin, dramatically increasing its profitability and the land areas used to grow cotton. This dictates the westward spread of cotton growing and slave labor.
  • Louisiana Purchase Sets Slave Debate

    Louisiana Purchase Sets Slave Debate
    The United States purchases Louisiana (image) from France for $15 million. Creating a debate on which states will be free and which will be slave owning.
  • Slave Trade Ban

    Slave Trade Ban
    Law passed prohibiting Americans from participating in the African slave trade, enforced until 1861.
  • Missouri Compromise of 1820

    Missouri Compromise of 1820
    An amendment is adopted by congress that there shall be no restriction on slavery in Missouri, but the institution will be prohibited from Louisiana Territory north of 36º30' latitude.
  • David Walker’s Appeal

    David Walker’s Appeal
    A free black man publishes his self-titled, page David Walker's Appeal-76 pages
  • Nat Turner Rebellion

    Nat Turner Rebellion
    Nat Turner leads the bloodiest slave rebellion in United States history; 70 whites are killed, and in the hunt for Turner, 100 blacks are killed.
  • Garrison Publishes Liberator

    Garrison Publishes Liberator
    William Lloyd Garrison begins to publish The Liberator.
  • Garrison Organizes Against Slavery

    Garrison Organizes Against Slavery
    William Lloyd Garrison and other whites and blacks organize the New England Antislavery Society.
  • Congress Passes Gag Rule

    Congress Passes Gag Rule
    Congress votes to table antislavery petitions, prohibit their publication, and censor any discussion or even mention of them on the floor.
  • John Quincy Adams Repeals Gag Rule

    John Quincy Adams Repeals Gag Rule
    John Quincy Adams calls for a repeal of the gag rule.
  • Free Soil Party

    Free Soil Party
    The Whig and Liberty parties join to form the Free Soil Party opposing the expansion of slavery into the newly acquired western territories.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Fugitive Slave Act
    Fugitive Slave Act is passed,making the federal government responsible for the apprehension and return of all escaped slaves, and facilitates the job for slave catchers. The fugitives in question are denied a jury trial
  • Brown Kills

    Brown Kills
    During an antislavery uprising in Kansas, abolitionist John Brown kills five proslavery activists. The event is one in a series of bloody attacks and counterattacks, inspires some to deem the region "Bleeding Kansas."
  • Scott v. Sandford

    Scott v. Sandford
    The U.S. Supreme Court rules (7 to 2) in Dred Scott v. Sandford that slavery is protected by the Constitution, and that a ban on slavery in the territories is unconstitutional.
  • Lincoln Douglas Debates

    Lincoln Douglas Debates
    During the Illinois senatorial race, Democratic incumbent Stephen A. Douglas and Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln engage in a series of fiery debates. For four months, the they travel all across the state, speaking before thousands of spectators. They argue about whether, in Lincoln's words, "a house divided against itself cannot stand" and whether slavery ought to be placed "in the course of ultimate extinction"
  • Lincoln Elected

    Lincoln Elected
    Abraham Lincoln is elected president of the United States.
  • Uncle Tom Published

    Uncle Tom Published
    Uncle Tom's Cabin is published in complete form, infuriating the South; most states ban its sale. During the Civil War, President Lincoln will meet Stowe and say to her: "So you're the little lady that caused this great big war."
  • John Brown Executed

    John Brown Executed
    Radical abolitionist John Brown is hanged in Charlestown, Virginia.