Cattle Drives Timeline

  • Start of Cattle Drives

    The cattle drives were brought to Texas by Mexicans named Vaqueros that chased cattle across the plains.
  • Mexican Independence

    As the Mexicans became Independent from Spain, the Mexicans got out of Texas and the Texans began to carry on the tradition.
  • Civil War

    As the Civil War began, men were off at Battle and the cow were roaming freely. As the South began reconstructing, the Cattle were being noticed.
  • Cattle Drives Begin

    As the cattle became noticed, the men began hunting the cows for food and money.
  • Barbed Wire and Cattle Drives Ending

    Since the Cattle were hard to catch becasue they were roaming freely, a man named Joseph F. Glidden invented barbed wire, which kept cattle from roaming from place to place. The cattle were becoming less needed becasue barbed wire and windmills were needed more, adn the North was a big buyer, which stopped needing cattle.