Catch 22


By Kimmyth
  • Yossarian/others

    In basic training at Lowery Field, Colorado. Discovers hospital.
    Wintergreen demoted, digging ditches.
  • Period: to


  • Thanksgiving

    Cadet training in Santa Ana. Spends Thanksgiving with Scheisskopf's wife.
    Clevinger's trial
  • 25 missions

    Arrives in Pianosa with Appleby and Kraft. Splendid Atabrine Insurrection.
  • Period: to

    Main Part of the book.

  • 30 missions

    Col. Nevers killed. Cathcart arrives, raises number of missions.
  • Kraft killed

    Kraft killed. Milo appointed mess officer.
  • 35 missions

    Yossarian and Orr accompany Milo on business flight("Milo the Mayor").
    Milo forms international cartel and buys Egyptian cotton crop. Major Major appointed squadron commander.
  • Midd's Death

    Capt. Black begins Loyalty Oath Crusade. Milo arranges Orvieto deal. Mudd's death.
  • Allies enter Rome

    Yossarian accompanies Nately to Rome.
    Nately falls in love. Returning from Rome, Major de Coverley ends Loyalty Oath Crusade.
  • Bologna

    Yossarian moves bombline and poisons squadron, sabotages intercom. With, 32 missions after Bologna, meets Luciana in Rome.
    Major Major becomes recluse. Major de Coverley goes to Florence and disappears.
  • 45 missions

    Reaches 38 missions before entering hospital again.
    Milo bombs squadron.
  • Avignon

    Yossarian moans during briefing. Snowden killed. Yossarian naked in tree during funeral. Receives medal for Ferrara.
  • 50 missions/Auguest

    Yossarian in hospital again. Has 44 missions. Meets chaplain (chapter 1).
    Clevinger disappears inside cloud. Soldier in white.
    Cathcart calls chaplain in to discuss the Saturday Evening Post.
  • September 55-60 missions

    At 44 and 48 missions, Yossarian goes to Daneeka, and at 51 to Major Major, but neither will ground him.
    Yossarian wounded in thigh. Interviewed by Major Sanderson. Begins affair with Nurse Duckett.
    Cathcart volunteers group for Bologna again. Orr vanishes. Yossarian and Dunbar don't want to bomb Italian village. Yossarian threatens McWatt.
    McWatt kills Kid Sampson then flies into mountain. Daneeka's "death."
  • October

    Yossarian helps Nately rescue his "friend" from generals.
    Nately's "friend" falls in love with him.
  • November?Thanksgiving

    On Thanksgiving Yossarian breaks Nately's nose. With Dunbar, visits Nately in hospital.
    Soldier in white comes back. Dunbar goes crazy and is "disappeared.
  • 70 missions

  • 80 missions

    Milo arranges with Cathcart to have other men fly in his name. Nately volunteers for his 7Ist mission and dies. Peckem replaces Dreedle. Scheisskopf in charge.

    Yossarian refuses to fly more missions.
    Goes AWOL in Rome ("The Eternal City"). Korn's deal.
    Stabbed by Nately's Whore.
    Decides to desert
    Chaplain's trial.
    Aarfy kills maid.
    Orr reaches Sweden.