Cask of the Amontillado

  • Montrasor meets Fortunato at the party

    Mardi Gras celebration in Italy
  • Montrasor talks with Fortunato

    Montrasor is planning to kill Fortunato, so he gets him drunk at the party
  • Montrasor shows the wine

    Montrasor lures Forntunato down to his basement to show him his new wine.
  • Fortunato gets drunk

    Montrasor keeps giving Fortunato wine to keep him intoxicated and unable to see whats going on
  • Montrasor chains Fortunato

    Montrasor chains Fortunato to the wall
  • Fortunato is bruied alive

    Montrasor starts adding cement around the chained up Fortunato
  • Fortunato gone

    Montrasor lights the torch and burns the oxygen inside the cemented area killing Fortunato
  • Montrasor confesses

    Montrasor tells the story of how he killed Fortunato