• Seat 124

    With the entry of the new decade, the Spanish version of the Fiat 124 Sport, presented a few months earlier in Turin, arrived on the market and a new door was opened for the Spanish to a high-performance sports car for the time. Its 1,600 double overhead camshaft engine narrowly exceeded 110 hp and brought the attractive 2-door silhouette of the Seat 124 Sport to 180 km / h.
  • Toyota Celica

    We fast forward to December 1970, the month in which Toyota presents its new saloon, the Carina, and also its coupe version, called the Celica. A model that captivated me when I saw it for the first time at the Madrid Motor Show in 1998.
  • Seat 127

    Seat 127
    The most popular cars of the 70s for the Seat 127, a small urban vehicle derived from the Fiat 127 of just 3.59 m in length. Its charming design and its variety of bodies ( it had options of 2, 3, 4 and 5 doors) were two arguments that the drivers of the time took into account. From 1972 to 1982, up to 1,345,203 units were produced.
  • Mercedes W116

    In 1972 the first Mercedes S-Class was presented, with internal code W116. This saloon introduced a number of important technological innovations in its day, which led to it being named car of the year in 1974, a title that has rarely been awarded to cars of this price tag.
  • Citroën GS

    Citroën GS
    Just with the beginning of the decade, the Citroën GS was presented, a medium saloon that stood out for its modern technology and outstanding comfort thanks to the hydropneumatic suspension that, in addition, provided active safety unmatched at the time.
  • Chrysler 180:

    Chrysler 180:
    Conceptually, it was a very archaic car in which nothing was risked, although it was very comfortable thanks to its formidable armchairs and a spacious interior. Sales were not a success in any market, although in Spain it was one of the most luxurious models that could be bought, since it was produced within our borders, in the Villaverde factory founded by Eduardo Barreiros.
  • Lamborghini Countach

    In 1975, Lamborghini rivaled Ferrari for putting the best sports car on the road. Ferrari has the Berlinetta Boxer on the market, which is answered by Lamborghini's side with the Countach (Fantastic), which is, in turn, the replacement for the Miura. At first glance, ​what stands out the most about this supercar is its sharp and futuristic lines
  • SEAT 1200

    It was December 1975, and in those troubled times in which Spain had to define internationally after Franco's death, SEAT presented the SEAT 1200 Sport to the press.
  • Dodge 3700 GT

    Dodge 3700 GT
    Until the Citroën CX began to be produced in the Vigo factory several years after its presentation, the best car that could be bought in Spain without having problems with import quotas was the Dodge 3700 GT, the latest evolution of the Darts.
  • Simca 1200

    The Simca 1200 was the other alternative along with the GS or the R12 to the Seat 124. With a very modern conception, it was a very comfortable car, with exceptional road behavior and very cheerful mechanics. Its design was very peculiar, especially in the rear, with a third volume that seems to be insinuated in the tailgate, a solution that would be seen later in the second generation of the Renault Mégane.