Carlos Slim Helu

By kesrob1
  • Carlos Slim Helu

    Carlos Slim Helu
    Carlos Slim was born in Mexico City at January 28, 1940.
  • Period: to

    Carlos Slim

  • Early Life

    Early Life
    Bought his own stock at age 12 and earned 200 pesos a week.
  • Owned Business

    Owned Business
    He wnt to University of Mexico and owned many business like constuctions, real estates,mining and etc.
  • Sharing is Caring

    Sharing is Caring
    Also in his life Carlos is a philanthropist so he donates to charity foundations.
  • Business

    Carlos Slim is the Vice President of the Mexican Stock Exchange.
  • More Businesses

    More Businesses
    Next, president of Mexican Brokerage Housing.
  • What else he Owns

    What else he Owns
    Carlos Slim owns many businesses like American Movil which is the Mexican phone business.
  • Moreover

    He owns Telmex which is an internet provider.