Car Safety Features Timeline

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    Car Safety Features

  • Seat Belt

    Seat Belt
    The developement of seatbelt was credited to George Cayley, a English Enginerr during the mid 19th century. Seat Belt was first used in 10th February 1885. The idea of retractable seat belt did not come about until in the early 1950s. This is significant to the autmotive industry as it greatly reduce the number of head injuries in emergency room.
    In 1958 seat belt became a standard feature of car after the introduction of Saab GT750, the first car o have seat belt as a standard feature.
  • Headlight/Tail Light

    Headlight/Tail Light
    Cadillac introduced the front head lights in 1912. The "low beam' headlight was later introduced in 1915. Headlight's sole purpose is to illuinated road ahead during the period of low visabilty. It is a significant features for a car.
  • Anti-Lock Braking Sysytem

    Anti-Lock Braking Sysytem
    Firstly used in aircraft system 1929, the Anti-Lock Brake System was designed to allow driver to travel tractively (that is, producing a force to increase friction with surface) as directed by driver while braking. This prevents the wheel from ceasing rotation, and thus elinminating the likelyhood of skidding.
  • Air Bag

    Air Bag
    German engineer Walter Linderer devised the first air bag in 1951. However, it could not blow fast enough to achive maximum safety, thus making it impratical. This however, was improved and later became a breakthrough in car industry after the invention of car crash sensor. Airbag reduced injuries by rapidly inflating a flexiable fabric during accident to cusion the occupant from crashing the windshield.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESP)

    Electronic Stability Control (ESP)
    ESP is an incorporated computerized technology that improves the safety of vehicle's stability by detecting and reducing skidding. It does this by employing steering angle and sensors, in addition to the individual wheel sensors in the ABS system.
  • Temporary Auto pilot

    Temporary Auto pilot
    This is a comuterised system in a car that senses when the driver is falling asleep. If the driver falls asleep, the computer will take control of the wheel and either drive stright or pull over.