Car Safety Features

  • Seat Belt

    Seat Belt
    Invented by George Cayley. Seatbelts were designed to reduce the likelihood and severity of an injury by strapping the passanger to the vehicle, preventing them from hitting the interior of the car or being ejected from the vehicle should a dangerous impaction occur.
  • Headlamp (headlights)

    (wrong date, correct year)
    Headlamps are electronic lamps attached to the front of a vehicle in order to assist them in seeing while driving at night. Without headlamps drivers wouldn't be able to see at night and would be having accidents more frequently.
  • Laminated Glass Windshields

    Laminated Glass Windshields
    (wrong date, correct year of invention).
    Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that holds together in one piece when shattered. When the glass breaks, it is held into place by an interlayer between the two or more layers of glass.
  • Crumple Zones

    Crumple Zones
    (Wrong date, correct year of invention).
    The crumple zones in cars were invented to absorb the energy from the impact in an accident by controlled deformation.
  • Airbag

    (wrong date, correct year of first successful).
    An airbag is a tight flexible fabric cushion compressing within a car which is designed to inflate rapidly during an automobile collision.