Lg capt de groot h cazneaux[1]

Captian Francis DeGroot

  • Captain Frnacis DeGroot Born

    Captain Francis Degroot was born in Dublin in England.
  • Period: to

    Captain Francis DeGroot Lifespan

  • Ireland/Western Front.

    In 1914 DeGroot was in Ireland, where he enlisted in the 15th Hussars. He served with distinction on the Western Front, later transferring to the 15th Tank Battalion with the rank of acting captain.
  • Marriage

    On 25 October at the Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Donnybrook, Dublin, he married Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) Byrne of Portumna, Galway.The couple came to Sydney in May 1920. De Groot enhanced his reputation when, specializing in Queensland maple, he opened a business.
  • New Guard

    Captain Francis DeGroot joined the new guard in september 1931 and by 1932 he was a zone commander, a senior member of the council of action and a veteran of many street mêlées.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Captain Francis DeGroot upstaged Jack Lang at the opening of the harbour bridge, He rode up on his horse and slashed the ribbon declaring the bridge open ‘in the name of the decent and respectable people of New South Wales’, with his ceremonial sword gained for his fighting efforts on the western front.
  • Furniture Workings

    Captain Francis DeGroot flourised in the upholstaery business,one example was that he he provided for Sir Isaac Isaacs a piece of furniture that was an elegant ceremonial chair,which was later acquired by the Mitchell Library, Sydney. During World War II.
  • Captain Frnaics DeGroot Died.

    Captain Francis DeGroot died in a Dublin nursing home, with no children. His legacy lives on in his cutting of the ribbon on sydney harbour bridge & with all those he fought with on the Western Front.