Captain James Cook

  • Birth

    He was Born in Yorkshire England,his parents names were James and Grace.
  • First journey

    When he sailed to Tahiti to observe Venus as it passed between Earth and the Sun.
  • Left Englad

    Sailed to Plymouth,Englad, to Brazil and around Cape Horn and to Tahiti.
  • New Zealand

    He Sailed to New Zealand where he and his crew fought with the Maori.
  • Batavia

    He sailed strait between Australia and New Guinea, and reached Batavia.
  • Disease

    There were about 30 members of the crew died from Malaria.(A disease carried by Mosquitos.)
  • Endeavor returned to England

    The Endeavor returned to England after a journey for almost three years.
  • Easter Island

    Took him to Antarctica and to Easter Island on a voyage intended to show there was no large southen continent.
  • Bouvet Island

    Sailed to Cape Town, South Africa, and on to Bouvet Island, Near Antartica.
  • Ships separted

    The two Ships separated, and met again in New Zealand.
  • Cook died

    Cook got killed by a mob in Hawaii and he was 51 years old.
  • Retured

    The ship returned to England with out cook.