Captain James Cook

By lsamut
  • Born

    He was born in Marton, England. This man was a British explorer. His Father was a farmer but he liked the sea.
  • Cook Joins Merchant Navy

    Before he joined the Merchant Navy he was a shop keeper. When he was in the Merchant Navy he dilivered coal up the coast of England.
  • Cook goes up the St Lawrence River in Canada

    In this voyage he piloted avoyage led by General Wolf. He found Quebec, France and got Canada for the British. He kept exploring Canada for eight more years.
  • Period: to

    First Expedition

    The whole point of the first expedition was to go to Tahiti and observe the transit of Venus. The ship he used for this trip was the Endeavour. The Endeavour carried 94 people and there supplys. On this expedition 30 people died When they were in Australia because of mosquitoe bites. Cook brought along two MAJOR people, a botanist named Joseph Banks and an astronomer called Charles Green. It was actually Charles Green who studied the transit of Venus.
  • Discovered Australia

    On this day he found Botany Bay. The botanist Joseph Banks studied the once unknown plants. He named Botany Bay because of all the amazing flowers.
  • Endeavour Struck Coral Reef

    On Octoberthe 1770 the horribly damaged Endeavour went to Batavia in the Dutch east Indies. It hit the Great Barrier Reef when it was going along the coastline of Australia.
  • Period: to

    Second Expedition

    On this expedition Cook is looking for the southern continent. He got close to the Antarctic coast but he cameback because it was to cold. Next he went to Tahiti. The two ships he brought were the Adventure and Resolution. When he was on this expedition he went a s far south as ant European had gone before and he went to Easter Island.
  • Cook Joins British Royal Navy.

    He could have become a ship's master but instead he joined the Royal Navy. Alot of people were forced to join the Royal Navy because the conditions were hopless so alot of people died.
  • Period: to

    Third Expedition

    On this expedition he brought the ship Resolution. He named Sandwich Islands which is now Hawaii. Where Cook got killed (Hawaii) the natives stole his sailboat. Cook arrived in Capetown, Africa on the 18 October 1776. He took the native Hawiian leader to hold him for ransom for his sail boat. He wanted to find the north-west passage from North America to Asia.
  • Died

    Cook was killed by native Hayiiens when he kidnapped the local native leader. At the end of his life he ended up with no children or wife. At least people remember all the amazing discoveries and how he explored the South Pacific.The things he was good at were making accurate maps, navigating, he was interested in making charts and he was a fantastic mathematician. Before the Hawaiians killed him they gave him a small pig.