1166 call of the wild

Call of the Wild The adventures of Buck

By SW1646
  • The Kidnapping of Buck

    The Kidnapping of Buck
    The gardener Manuel at Judge Millers house kidnaps Buck. With Manuel’s gambling problem, Manuel needed money to pay off certain gambling debts. With the Yukon gold rush booming dogs were in high demand. Because of Bucks strong body Manuel sells him to buyers going to the Yukon gold rush. This event is an allusion to what people would do at the time kidnapping dogs and selling them as sled dogs. This metamorphoses Buck into what he thinks of humans.
  • The Man in the red sweat shirt

    The Man in the red sweat shirt
    Buck travels on a train for days when he gets off he is sold to the Man in the red sweatshirt. Scared and angry Buck attacks the man. But to Bucks disadvantage a club hits him. Never being hit before Buck becomes confused but still charges the man and after consecutive times of being hit Buck can't attack anymore. “He saw once for all, that he stood no chance against man and the club” (Chapter 1, 16). This foreshadows Buck metamorphosing into how to obey humans.
  • The Death of Spitz

    The Death of Spitz
    With months of antagonistic behavior between Buck and Spitz a fight to the death begins. With Spitz in the beginning had no scratch on him while Buck was covered then Buck attacks Spitz at the legs and then finishes Spitz of when their shoulders meet and Spitz falls to the ground, dead. This metamorphoses Buck by proving his dominance by killing Spitz. This metamorphoses Buck into a more dominant dog among his mates. This foreshadows Bucks dominance among his mates.
  • Buck as a leader

    Buck as a leader
    After the dethrone of Spitz Buck becomes a leader. Taking Spitz place as lead sled dog Buck comes across different challenges as a leader. On the road Buck finds Pike lazy but with fear and some painful biting Buck whips the dog and all the other dogs into shape. Metamorphoses Buck into a leader. A literary element seen is foreshadowing of how well Buck will be as a leader.
  • The Whipping

    The Whipping
    After long months with Mercedes Hal and Charles Buck grows weaker and weaker. Buck is famished and tired as he runs across The Yukon yet again. With Bucks new leaders their unintelligent plans lead to over work, no sleep, and no food for dogs. When Buck and his mates with little energy get to an area owned by a man named Jim Thornton Buck collapses. Buck doesn't move at all and is whipped and whipped and whipped. Buck's defiance towards man metamorphoses Buck. This alludes to defiance.
  • The death of Jim Thornton

    The death of Jim Thornton
    Buck begins to develop a love for Jim Thornton. But as Buck almost fully develops his wild side Buck wonders into the forest. When Buck comes back he finds Jim Thornton and his friends dead. Killed by the Yeehat tribe, Buck is changed extremely by the death of Jim Thornton, hurting but also changing Buck mentally into a fully developed beast. This alludes to vengeance and change seen in many literary elements in literature. The loss of a friend and a loved on Jim Thornton truly metamorphoses Buc
  • Leader of the wolf pack

    Leader of the wolf pack
    With Jim Thornton gone along with the last bit of civilization Buck finds his old wolf friend again this time with his wolf pack. With the wolves charging Buck fights them off viscously. With almost all of them scared Buck proves his dominance and is made the leader of the wolf pack. This metamorphoses Buck into true savage beast. This foreshadows Buck, as he is truly savage.