Call Of The Wild

  • Lives with Judge Miller

    Buck lives with Judge Miller and is treated very well. At this point all Buck has ever known is a happy life with no problems.
  • Buck is stolen and sold by Manuel, the gardener's helper

    He is taken to a train. A big rope is tied around his neck and he is soled to a man named morgan.
  • Buck has learned the rule of the club

    He hates moran because he beats him with the club. To get food and water, he knows not to attack Morgan even though he wants to.
  • Buck is put in a room with many other dogs

    All of the other dogs are in cages like Buck's. When it is opened Buck attacks morgan but is beaten by Morgan with a club.
  • Buck is sold to someone else

    The man Buck is sold to a man named Perrault who was very kind , Buck was afraid of the man but alo exited to goet away from morgan.
    Buck and his friend curly are both sold to perrault.
  • Buck meets two other dogs

    They are put on a boat called the Narwhal. The dogs names are Dave and Spitz. Spitz dose not like buck at all and is used to being the top dog but since Perrault treats them all the same spitz decides to try to take food from buck. While on the boat Buck sees snow for the very first time.
  • Buck goes to a mining camp

    He lives with very rough men with whips and clubs and dogs that only wanted to fight. Buck never used to be timid, but now he tries to stay away from other dogs and tries not to provoke them
  • dogsledding

    A few days later, Buck is tied to a sled and is forced to haul wood and other supplies back and forth. At this point Buck dose not get why he is doing this, but he wants his owner to like him
  • Husky attacks Curly

    Buck now feels like part of the team now and is a bit closer to the other dogs and is gaining trust . One of the bigger dogs attacks and killed Curly, Buck is very shocked at this and realizes that he is surounded by savages and there is no fair play. Buck then promises himself that what happend to Curly would never happen to him.
  • Buck attacked by the new dog

    The new dog Sollecs was blind in one eye and attacked Buck when he din't see him coming. Buck never meant to cause this.
  • Buck learns to steal

    The other dogs would steal his food because he is a slow eater. He was so hungry he stole from the other dogs when they werent looking. He begins to not care and not feel guilty.
  • Buck starts to turn wild

    He gets realy strongand can sense danger better than the other dogs. This is learned by experieces but also by instinct he starts to think like a wild dog, wanting to kill for his food and to fight. He even howls at the moon.
  • falling through ice

    The team and the men have a hard time because they keep breaking through the ice. Buck has to be very strong.
  • Buck learns team work

    He still dose not trust the other dogs completely though. He feels exited about doing a good job. They work well together while tied to the sled.
  • Buck learns to steal

    other dogs stole his food all the time. He got so hungry that he started stealing from them when they wherent looking. He did not like this about himself, but he got used to it.
  • Buck is attacked

    A dog that goes mad attacks Buck and then while he is hurt Spitz tries to kill him. Buck hates Spitz and gets all of the other dogs to not like him either.
  • Buck kills Spitz

    all of the dogs where chasing a rabbit but Spitz got to it first. Buck had finnaly had enough of him, and out of instincs Buck killed Spitz. Now, Buck is getting more and more wild with his instincs.
  • Buck starts to think wolf like

    He has the best hearing in the pack and can scense danger around him. This is learned from experience but also instincts deep inside that are coming out. He starts wanting to kill for food and fight.
  • Buck bacomes lead dog

    Buck wont listen to the men anymore and the other dogs are afraid of him. He will only listen when he is put as lead dog.
  • Buck dreams wild

    In SkagwayBuck sleaps by the fire every night and dreams about people he dosent even know. He starts to think strange things about wild animalsand living like a wild dog.
  • Attack of wild dogs

    A wild pack attacks their camp to steal food and Buck fights them along with the rest of his team. He becomes untrusting and hates spitz. He wants to be leader.
  • Falling through the ice

    At different times the men and dogs fall through the ice. This makes their trips slo Buck's feet hurt untill his paws finally grow tough.
  • Buck is attacked

    A dog that goes mad attacks Buck and is killed with an axe by Francois. While Buck is recovering spitz attacks him but is beaten off. Buck then starts to turn the other dogs against him.
  • Buck is sold again

    Buck gets sick and can't run well anymore. He starts to be treated with more care he and the team can't run anymore because they are all tired and sick. His new oners don't know howto live life on the trail. The dogs and the people are starving to death.
  • rescued

    A man named thorton rescuse Buck from the bad owners. Buck is almost dead but he takes care of him. Buck starts to care a lot about thorton and is happy.
  • Buck is loyal

    Buck saves thorton from a bad man by attacking him, he also works hard to win money for thorton. This makes him famous
  • Buck ansers the call of the wild

    Buck hears the call of a wolf and goes to it at first he fights than he is friendly. Thorton has bean killed by indians and Buck joins the wolf pack.