C3-The Hunger Games.

  • Gale gives Katniss a fresh loaf of bread.

    Gale gives Katniss the bread because he cares so much about her and her family. I think Gale likes Katniss, and by doing these things, he is trying to show her, that he likes her.
  • Selling food at "the Hob"

    "The Hob" is the neighborhood that Katniss sells the food she had hunted that day with Gale. The people from "the hob" intensionally help her. They do this by buying the foo that goes for food and sch for the Katniss's family.
  • Story about Peeta giving Katniss the burnt loafs of bread.

    In the story Katniss reminds of a time when put gave Katniss two burnt loafs of bread. Katniss believe that Peeta burned them on purpose just so he could ggive then to her. Katniss is very appreciative.
  • Mr. Mellark gives Katnissa package of Cookies, and promises to keep Prim safe.

    When Mr. Mellark gives the cookies to Katniss, she is very suprised and grateful. She was suprised because even though Katniss would be killing his son soon, he still gave her food, and promised to keep Prim safe.
  • Effie helps Katniss get ready for the ceremony.

    Effie trys to help Katniss, style and beauty wise, but it doesnt go to well. But Effie did help and Katniss was grateful for her try.
  • Cinna helps Katniss before the ceremony.

    Cinna has alot more useful help for Katniss that Effie did. He was the one who gave the fire dress. Katniss was much more thankful to the handsome Cinna.
  • Hamick shares the secrect to Katnis about the arena.

    Katniss might not have survived without Hamitch's great advise. As drunk as the man is most of the time, he sure knew what he was talking about. he really wanted Katniss to win. He really cared about Katniss.
  • Rue warns Katniss about the tracker jacket nest above her.

    Rue saves Katniss's life that night in the tree. If Rue didn't warn Katniss she would most likely be dead. Rue must have wanted Katniss to help her throughout the games.
  • Rue helps heal and treat Katniss's tracker jacket stings.

    While Katniss in pain from the tracker jacket stings, Rue pulls out some special leaves she found. Rue treats Katniss just the way Katniss treated Peeta. Rue loved Katniss like a big sister.
  • Peeta warns Katniss that the careers are coming.

    Peeta have loved (or at least cared for) Katniss for what he did that night. If Peeta didn't tell her to "run, run, run!" The careers would have killed Katniss.