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  • Act of Union with Ireland

    Act of Union with Ireland
    The Act of Ireland was an act passed by Irish Parliament. The purpose of the act was to unite the British Empire with Ireland government. This agreement between the countries was the first steps in creating what is know as the United Kingdom.
  • Slave Trade Act of 1807

    Slave Trade Act of 1807
    This was an Act passed by the British Government, it goal was not to stop actual slavery, it was made to stop the purchasing and selling of slaves in England. Slavery was made completely illegal when the Slavery Abolition Act was passed in 1833.
  • Queen Victoria's Coronation

    Queen Victoria's Coronation
    Queen Victoria became queen of England after the death of King William IV on June 20th, 1837. She rules the country until her death in 1901. She is the predecessor of King Edward VII.
  • Mines Act of 1842

    Mines Act of 1842
    The Mines act of 1842 prohibited children under 10 years old, and all females from working in the mines of England. This sudden change was brought on by a conditions report by Employment Commission, which showed below standard working and living conditions for the children. The second major factory in the governments decision, was a freak accident in 1838 in where 26 children where killed
  • Forster Act of 1870

    Forster Act of 1870
    This act introduced England to the begins of free education for all their children. The schools that were sponsored by the Forster Act allowed all the enrollees under the age of 12 a free education. This act by England can be attributed to the public school system in which many Americans rely on today.
  • Period: to

    World War I

    In this war England were allies with France and Russia. They played many important roles in helping the Allies win the war. What historians consider to be the most important role England took on was cutting off all resources Germany was receiving from the Axis powers.
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    World War II

    Before this war England attempted to sign the Munich Pact with Germany. This pact gave Germany permission invaded Czechoslovakia. When the war officially began England declared war on Germany, and came out and stated that they would support Poland if they were invaded by Germany. By the end of the England lost 300,000 soldiers and 60,000 civilians.
  • Queen Elizabeth II Coronation

    Queen Elizabeth II Coronation
    On February 6th, 1952, Princess Elizabeth II became queen of England. This came after her father King George VI died of coronary thrombosis. She has been the Queen of England since.
  • Joining European Union

    Joining European Union
    In 1973, England made the decision to join the European Union. This union was made by the Netherlands in 1958. This connected England to Europe, it finally united England with the rest of Europe. Before this England was only united with the United Kingdom.
  • Period: to

    Gulf War

    In this war England joined the coalition forces, which where United States, Kuwait, Canada, Italy, and many more. Their objective was to liberate the people of Kuwait from the rule of Saddam Hussein.
  • Period: to

    The Iraq War

    In this war England again joined forces with the coalition forces, these countries were United Sates, Australia, Poland, and a few others. Their objective was to eliminate the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.