Bronte Family - A Timeline

  • Patrick Bronte born in Ireland.

  • Maria Bronte (nee Branwell) was born.

  • Maria Bronte was born.

  • Elizabeth Bronte was born.

  • Charlotte Bronte was born.

  • Patrick Branwell Bronte was born.

  • Emily Bronte was born.

  • Reverend Patrick Bronte was made the curate of Haworth, Yorkshire.

  • Anne Bronte was born.

  • Maria diagnosed with cancer.

  • Maria Bronte died of cancer.

  • Charlotte and Emily sent to Clergy Daughters school in Cowan, England.

  • Maria dies of consumption (now called TB) at age 12.

  • Charlotte and Emily leave the Clergy Daughters School.

  • Elizabeth dies aged 10.

  • Charlotte begins writing a book called 'The History of the Year'

  • Period: to

    Charlotte writes poetry and prose.

  • Emily Bronte begins writing.

  • Period: to

    Emily writes poetry and prose.

    Pseudonym: Currer, Ellis, Acton Bell. Collection of poems in 1842. Had to use pseudonyms because they lived in an age of discrimination of women writers.
  • Charlotte begins working as a teacher at a school called Roe Head. Emily goes with her as a pupil.

    Later in the year, Emily goes home and Anne takes her place as a pupil.
  • Anne returns home due to illness and Charlotte resigns.

  • Aunt to sisters dies. Will used to fund publishing of poems.

  • Charlotte and Emily move to France to study for a few months.

  • Emily Bronte writes 'Wuthering Heights'. Charlotte Bronte publishes 'Jane Eyre'. Anne publishes 'Agnes Grey'.

  • Anne publishes 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall'

  • Brother Branwell dies under suspicious circumstances.

  • Emily dies aged 30 of Terburculosis

  • Anne sent to Scarborough to recover from TB. (Aged 29)

  • Anne dies of TB (Consumption)

  • Charlotte wrote 'Shirley' and 'Villette'

  • Charlotte marries Arthur Bell Nichols.

  • Charlotte dies while pregnant.

    Novel called 'The Professor' rejected previously - published posthomously' (1857)
  • Patrick Bronte dies aged 84.