Britain vs French

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  • British vs French

    British vs French
    Britain and French were two of the stronger powers in Europe.They competed for wealth and empire in different parts of the world.This rivalry caused bitter feelings between British and French colonists in North America.
  • Tuscarora join

    Tuscarora join
    After the Tuscarora joined in 1722, the English referred to the confederacy as the Six Nations.
  • Hostility Grows

    Hostility Grows
    In the 1740's hostilty between the two forces grew.British fur traders built a fort at a place called Pickawillany.
  • Iroquois under pressure

    Iroquois under pressure
    By the mid-1700s,however , the Iropuois came under greater pressure as the British moved into the Ohio Valley.
  • Settling the Ohio valley

    Settling the Ohio valley
    IN the fall of 1753, Governor Robert Dinwiddie of Virginia sent a surveyor named Geoge Washington into the Ohio country.
  • Washington's militia

    Washington's militia
    In the spring of 1754, Dintwiddie made Washington a lieutenant colonel.He then sent Washington back to Ohio country with a militia.
  • War threats

    War threats
    in June 1754 to discuss the threat of war.they wanted to find a way to defend themselves against the French.They also hoped to persuade the Iroquois to support the Britsh.
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    Britsh vs French