Brianna Nelson Chapter 9 Timeline

  • Perry arrived in Japan

    He wasnt able to win the trade agreement. But he did depart, then returned the following year with more warships.
  • Grover Clevland was elected president.

    Grover Clevland was elected president.
    4 years earlier he lost to Benjamin Harrison In the end he won with 277 out of a possible 244 electoral votes.
  • Staged a revolt

    with help of U.S marines they overthrew the queen and set up their own government. Then they were asked to be annexed by the U.S.
  • William Mckinley was eleted president

    William Mckinley was eleted president
    He was the 25th president. He led the nation to victory for 100 days in the American Spanish War. He became the national republican leader.
  • Spanish war takes place

    Spanish war takes place
    President Mckinley called for Cubas independence and withdawl of spanish forces. He gave spain 3 days to respond they refused, so the war began.The war was to fight for cuban freedom.
  • Sent U.S.S Maine to Cuba

     Sent U.S.S Maine to Cuba
    Riots had broken out in Havana the battleahipe was dispatched to protect U.S citizens. The folowing month in Febuary the Maine exploded and sank killing 260 soliders. No one knows what caused to the explosion to this day.
  • Spain signed a truce to U.S.

    One of the most difficult questions was was what to do with the phillipines.They belived that spains defeat would would bring them independance.
  • Spanish War Ended

    Spanish War Ended
    Lost New Empire Uba got independance. The philipines were also granted independance.
  • Panama Canal Opens

    Panama Canal Opens
    The shortcut that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
    The lock gates open on one end to let ship enter.
    The gates close and water is pumped in or out depending on whether ship is moving up or down.
  • The battle of Manila

    The battle of Manila
    A little past noon Deweys forces and destroyed spanish fleet. about 360 spanish sailors were found wounded or dead. Dewey became a hero in the United States.