Ds 1 distortion

Boss Ds-1 Timeline

  • Details about the pedal.

    The DS-1 is one of the first distortion pedals for guitar and is mostly responsible for the effect being so popular. It has a very simple circuit, based on a single op-amp.
  • Period: to

    1978 - Boss first released the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal.

  • Specs

    The DS-1 is capable of reproducing the dynamics of playing, from soft to hard.
    The pedal includes knobs for "Tone", "Level" and "Distortion" each of these you are able to modify to your own setting and make a unique sound for every player.
  • Period: to

    Noteable Users

    A few noteable users of the DS-1 would be;
    Kurt Cobain
    Joe Satriani
    Mike Stern
    Steve Vai
    All of these guitarists then moved on to the DS-2 which is a turbo distortion pedal.
  • Period: to

    Noteable Users of the DS-2

    John Frusciante - RHCP
    Kurt Cobain
    Kim Deal - The Breeders
    Rivers Cuomo - Weezer
    Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day
  • Kurt Cobain's Death

    At this time you would expect Boss' DS-1's sales to improve after the death of one of their greatest users, but after much research i was unable to find out if the sales had risen or lowered, i feel this is because they are sold throughout the world so they would not be able to keep a solid number of products sold.
  • Distortion Pedals

    The reason I chose distortion pedals as my piece of technology is because they were one of the first effects used for a pedal and have helped expand music throughout the years. For example In 1978 when Boss first released the DS-1 it branched a whole new way of creating a rock track, being able to switch from clean to distortion at the stamp of a foot. Now you can even use distortion on computer based software, for example "Logic".