Bone Setting

  • 3000 BC

    One of the first instances of bone setting is observed in an Egyptian mummy of the fifth dynasty (circa 5000 years ago) at Nga Ed-Der 100 miles from Luxor.
  • Period: to

    Bone Setting:from 3000BC to Today

    1/1/0001 stands for 3000 BC, 11/17/5011 stands for the current date. They would not let me use BC.
  • Bone Setting Occurs in every culture around the world

    Primitive sticks,slings,and chiropratic techniques are used by cultures every where untill the Greek and Roman times.
  • Uses of natural materials to form splints arise

    The use of animal fats, sea shells, and other natural resources are first documented for the use of making casts.(AD 30)
  • External Fixators become popular

    External Fixators use pins or rods from an external apparatus to puncture the skin and hold a severely dammaged bone together before any serious surgery can be completed.
  • Dominique Jean Larrey discovers how to further stiffen bandages

    Larrey began stiffening bandages using camphorated alcohol, lead acetate and egg whites beaten in water.(1812)
  • Plaster of Paris discovered

    William Eaton discovered Gypsum(Plaster of Paris). It allows for complete immobilization of the broken bone and protection.
  • Plaster of Paris is mass used

    Plaster of Paris is widespread used to treat mass cassualties(1850)
  • Internal Fixators

    Pins, rods, and plates are used to set broken bones internally. Concept dates back to the 1800s but not fully developed until the 1950s
  • Fiber Glass Casts Invented

    The first fiber glass casts were invented. They were lighter, stronger, and waterproof(on the outside).