Blues Timeline JA

  • "I Got the Blues"

    "I Got the Blues"
    "I Got the Blues" was the first publication of blues sheet music. It was published by a musician named Antonio Maggio.
  • Period: to


  • Transition Blues

    Transition Blues
    The transition from country blues to urban blues was driven by successive waves, which led many rural blacks to move to urban areas.
  • Mamie Smith

    Mamie Smith
    Mamie Smith was the first African American to record a blues song.
  • White audiences

    White audiences
    The blues became a major element of African American music, also reaching white audiences.
  • Blues recording

    Blues recording
    The first blues recordings were categorized as traditional, rural country blues and a more polished city.
  • Blues influence

    Blues influence
    Blues had a huge influence on mainstream American popular music.
  • British impact on blues music

    British impact on blues music
    British and blues music inspired American blues rock and fusion performers.
  • Leroi Jones

    Leroi Jones
    He was the first to write a book on the social history of the blues in blues people.
  • Blue preformance

    Blue preformance
    During the blue revival blues artist wrote and performed music that figured prominently in the critically acclaimed film "Sounder".
  • Blues music

    Blues music
    Gospel and blues were merged in soul blues music.
  • New Blues

    New Blues
    Blues continued in traditional and new forms.
  • Blues Film

    Blues Film
    Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi made a film called the "The Blues Brothers" which brought many influencers of the rhythm and blues genre together.
  • Robert Cray

    Robert Cray
    The album "Strong Persuder" announced Robert Cray as a major blues artist.
  • Marketing Strategies

    Marketing Strategies
    Digital multitrack recordings and other technological advances which is a important component to blues music
  • Country Blues

    Country Blues
    The largely ignored hill country blues gained minor recognition in both blues and alternative rock music.
  • White House

    White House
    Blues was highlighted in episode 1 of In performance of the White House. Tittled "Red,White and Blues". Hosted by Michelle Obama.