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  • iPhone launch

    iPhone launch
    First Apple iPhone. Media called it "a BlackBerry killer".
  • Scandal about stock option

    Scandal about stock option
    Scandal involving the co-CEO Jim Balsillie about stock option. Jim Balsillie forced to resign as the chairman of the company
  • Acquisition of QNX

    Acquisition of QNX
    RIM acquired QNX Software Systems: QNX became the platform for the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 Smartphones. (Key decision as it decided its java based platform was insufficient)
  • Announcement of the PlayBook tablet

    Announcement of the PlayBook tablet
    RIM announced the long rumoured BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer, the first product running on the new QNX platform
  • Acquisition of TAT

    Acquisition  of TAT
    RIM announce the acquisition of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), a user-interface design company specialized in applications for mobile. The acquisition was key step to the development of the BlackBerry 10 OS
  • Launch of the PlayBook tablet

    Launch of the PlayBook tablet
    Release of BlackBerry Playbook based on QNX platforms. First major test for the QNX platform; critics said that the software seemed incomplete (poor email and apps)
  • Acquisition of Scoreloop

    Acquisition of Scoreloop
    RIM buys Scoreloop, a Munich-based cross-platform social gaming network central to the games for the BlackBerry 10 OS.
  • Biggest Layoff

    Biggest Layoff
    The company cut 3,000 jobs: the biggest layoff in its history. The lay-off reduced the workforce by around 11%, from 19, 000 employees to 17, 000
  • Acquisition of JayCut

    Acquisition of JayCut
    RIM acquire JayCut, a Sweden-based online video editing company that was incorporated in the media software for the BlackBerry 10 OS.
  • Massive outage

    Massive outage
    BlackBerry service suffered a massive outage, impacting millions of customers for three days. Customers were unable to use BlackBerry messenger, and send or receive emails.
  • Leadership change

    Leadership change
    RIM announced that its CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis had stepped down as CEOs. They were replaced byThorsten Heins
  • Announces drop in shipments

    Announces drop in shipments
    Announce 21% drop in shipments, its first decline since 2006.
  • Workforce reduction

    Workforce reduction
    The company announced a planned workforce reduction of 5, 000 by the end of its fiscal 2013, as part of a $1 billion dollar cost savings initiative
  • Law suit

    Law suit
    California Jury orders RIM to pay $147.2million in the settlement of a patent infringment lawsuit that was later overturned. This sent shares tumbling to a low of $7.09 at the Toronto stock exchange.
  • Launch of Blackberry Z10

    Launch of Blackberry Z10
    BlackBerry launches the new BlackBerry 10 OS based on its QNX acquisition along with two new phones: the touch-screen Z10 and classic QWERTY keyboard Q10.