Birthday History

  • Period: to


  • Weather in Duke Center, PA

    -I live in this town
    High Temp: 57.9F
    Low Temp: 39F
    Average Temp: 48.4F
    Dewpoint: 41F
    Wind Speed: 10 Knots
    Precipitation Amount: 0 Inches
    Snow Depth: n/a
    Observations: n/a
  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela
    -Nelson Mandela is elected as President of South America
    -Arrested after living on the run for seventeen months, and was imprisoned in the Johannesburg Fort
  • Ice Hockey

    Ice Hockey becomes Canada's official winter sport.
  • My Birthday

    Born to Stephen and Karen Taylor at Charles Cole hospital in Coudersport Pennsylania.
  • Number 1 Song - I Swear

    Number 1 Song - I Swear
    -a ballad written by Gary Baker and Frank J. Myers that became a hit for two acts in 1994
    - it was a number one song on the U.S. Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart for American country music artist John Michael Montgomery
  • Runaway Santa Fe freight train

  • 70th National Spelling Bee

    -Home-schooled, 13 year old Rebecca Sealfon won $5000, books and other prizes
    -There were 245 contestents
  • U.S. Mint - New Dollar Coin

    -Gold in color, it features the face of Sacagawea, a Native American teenager who helped lead explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark westward in the 1800s
    - The silver Anthony dollar looked and felt too much like a quarter. The new dollar coin is the same size but, because of its gold color, is more distinguishable from the quarter. Its edge will also have a different texture than either the Anthony dollar or the quarter
  • Detroit Red Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche

    -Hockey Game
    -Score: 2-0
  • Weather in Duke Center, PA

    -I live in this town
    High Temp: 81F
    Low Temp: 55F
    Average Temp: 70.3F
    Dewpoint: 60F
    Wind Speed: 3.9 Knots
    Precipitation Amount: 0.01 Inches
    Snow Depth: n/a
    Observations: n/a