Birth to Present of the English Language

  • 450


    (Romans take over British Isles for 400 years)
    The English language inherited 200 latin words from the Romans.
  • 500


    (Early Inhabitants)
    Celts are the earliest people to leave mark on the english language.
  • May 20, 1066


    (Normans invade)
    The Normans transformed England. French became the language spoken by the powerful people. Latin was used by the Church and still is used today.
  • Jan 19, 1450

    100 Year War

    100 Year War
    (War between England & France)
    Years after the war French ws the enemy language. The English language started to rise.
  • Renaissance

    (Time of great cultural development)
    Literacy rates start rising. Over the next years wonderful discoveries and innovations are made. Things are being discovered in different fields like art and writting.
  • the 1700

    the 1700
    (Age of grammar & rules)
    The Human knowledge continued to strech in new areas, but many scholars think English Language is messed up. So books teaching proper grammer became increasingly popular.
  • The 1800's

    The 1800's
    (Transformation of the western world)
    Language had to swell to accomodate new ideas and bussiness.
  • Present Day

    Present  Day
    (England now a days)
    While everythingh is transforming in England. The language contimues to grow and grow.
  • Anglo Saxons

    Anglo Saxons
    (Anglo,Saxons,Jutes begin to arrive)
    Anglo Saxon dialects form the language we call Old English.
  • St. Augustine

    St. Augustine
    (Christian missionaries arrive)
    Christina missionaries converted the Saxons to a Catholic Christian faith, the Church injected hundreds of new latin words into the English Language.
  • Vikings

    (1st Danish invasion of Britain)
    King Alfred uses the English language to develope a sense of national identity amongst the English.