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Birth Day!

By crzt143
  • Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler
    World War II – Fuehrerbunker: Adolf Hitler marries his long-time partner Eva Braun in a Berlin bunker and designates Admiral Karl Dönitz as his successor. Both Hitler and Braun will commit suicide the next day.
  • Period: to

    Birth Year

  • Watergate Scandal

    Watergate Scandal
    Watergate Scandal: President Richard Nixon announces the release of edited transcripts of White House tape recordings related to the scandal.
  • Baseball

    Phillie Steve Carlton, second-most lifetime strikeouts of any left-handed pitcher (4th overall), and the second-most lifetime wins of any left-handed pitcher strke out 3,000 batters, he played for the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    Wrecking cranes began tearing down Berlin Wall at Brandenburg Gate.

    Bill Clinton President of the United States; The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is signed into law by US President Bill Clinton.
  • Football!

    Super Bowl XXVII: The Buffalo Bills become the first team to lose 3 consecutive Super Bowls as they are defeated by the Dallas Cowboys, 52–17.
  • Cops

    Ferderal trial of 4 police officers charged with civil rights viloations in viedotaped beating Rodney King begins in LA California. The cops beat him so badly because he was an African American man.
  • Terrorism

    World Trade Center bombing: In New York City, a van bomb parked below the North Tower of the World Trade Center explodes, killing 6 and injuring over 1,000.
  • Hocus Pocus

    Hocus Pocus
    Hocus Pocus was in theaters. My absolutely favorite movie when I was younger was Hocus Pocus; I watched it like 3 times a day.
  • Royal Wedding

    Royal Wedding
    April 29 2011- The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in England, which was declared a bank holiday in celebration of their spectacular day. William and Kate decided against celebrating their nuptials at St. Paul's Cathedral, where William's parents married in 1981.