Billie Joe's Childhood

Timeline created by Ben2212
  • Birth

    Billie Joe was born in Oakland, California. Oh the wonders of birth!

    He attended Hillcrest Elementary School in Rodeo, where a teacher encouraged him to record a song titled "Look for Love" on the Bay Area label Fiat Records. It was released when he was 5!
  • Dad Died

    Dad Died
    When Billie was 10 his dad died of oesophageal cancer. His dad was the main inspiration behind Billie's music so his death inspired more music.
  • Mike Dirnt

    Mike Dirnt
    At the age of 10, Armstrong met Mike Dirnt in the school cafeteria, and they immediately bonded over their love of music.
  • First Gig (Sweet Children)

    First Gig (Sweet Children)
    Armstrong and Dirnt's first live performance under the name Green Day was in Davis, a town approximately an hour's drive northeast of the San Francisco Bay area.