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  • William Henry Gates III is born.

    William Henry Gates III is born.
    William Henry Gates III, aka Bill Gates, is born in Seattle, WA. His father is a lawyer and his mother was a University of Washington regent and a United Way International chairwoman.
  • Lakeside Prep

    While in the 8th grade at age 13, Bill Gates writes his first computer program on a Teletype Model 33 ASR terminal and a block of computer time on a General Electric computer. He writes the code for the Tic Tac Toe program in BASIC.
  • Lakeside High School

    Lakeside High School
    In high school, Gates worked with other students to create a computerized class scheduling program for his school. He scored a 1590 out of 1600 on his SAT's & graduated high school as a National Merit Scholar in 1973. He enrolled for college at Harvard.
  • Harvard to MITS to Micro-Soft

    Gates starts out as pre-law, but soon focuses on the hardest math classes at Harvard. Bill and high school friend Paul Allen contacted MITS founder Ed Roberts telling him that they were developing an interpreting coding language for the Altair 8800 minicomputer, and asked whether he would like to see a demonstration in a few weeks. MITS eventually accepts and buys their language for $3,000 plus royalties. Gates leaves school to start working on the software venture he refers to as Micro-Soft.
  • The "Open" Letter and "Microsoft" trademark

    Gates writes an open letter to computer hobbyists, condemning the early adopters for sharing, rather than paying for, software he & Allen developed for MITS. Bill calls the hobbyists "thieves" and advocates paying for software just like hardware. Gates felt pirating software would discourage developers from investing time and money into creating quality software. Also in 1976, Gates and Allen register the trademark “Microsoft.”
  • Microsoft Begins 1977-1979

    In 1977, Gates & Allen headquarter Microsoft in Albuquerque, NM where MITS is located. At the end of 1978, Microsoft year end sales are over $1 million. In 1979, Microsoft moves its headquarters to Bellevue, Washington.
  • MS-DOS & IBM

    MS-DOS & IBM
    Microsoft buys the rights to the operating system “DOS” from Seattle Computer Products. The system is modified and renamed MS-DOS, and Microsoft licenses it to IBM for the company’s new personal computer. By 1981, Microsoft's growth had exploded. Revenue went from $2.5 million to $16 million. Gates and Allen incorporated Microsoft, and Gates was appointed president and chairman of the board. Allen was named executive vice president.
  • Windows "Announcement"

    In 1983, Microsoft Windows was announced by Gates as an extension of the MS-DOS operating system. Windows would eventually change computers by becoming it's own operating system in the mid 1990's.
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$

    In 1987 at age 31, Bill Gates becomes the youngest billionaire ever.
  • FTC Investigation

    The Federal Trade Commission charged that Microsoft and IBM colluded to control the market for computer operating systems. Years later, Microsoft would reach a settlement with the government, avoiding the breakup of Microsoft's operating systems & software divisions.
  • Married & Charity

    Married & Charity
    In 1994, he marries Melinda French who he had met at a Microsoft event in 1987. Later that year, the couple establish the William H. Gates Foundation, named for Gates’ father, who agrees to manage the foundation. It is later absorbed into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Game Changer-Windows 95 & The World

    Game Changer-Windows 95 & The World
    In 1995, Gates introduction of Microsoft Windows 95 software changes the computer industry landscape by becoming a computer's operating system as well. Also, Windows 95 debuts Internet Explorer browser making it easy for the public to go "online". Bill authors the NY Times bestselling book about his view of the digital future, "The Road Ahead". Gates becomes the Richest Man In The World in 1995 with an estimated net worth of $12.9 billion.
  • Another Book & A Movie

    Another Book & A Movie
    In '99, Gates releases his second book "Business @ The Speed Of Thought" about interconnecting business technologies. TV network TNT produces unauthorized made for TV movie about the rise of the computer industry called the "The Pirates Of Silicon Valley". Geeky actor Anthony Michael Hall plays Gates.
  • Gates Steps Down As Microsoft CEO

    Bill becomes Microsoft's Chief Software Architect while relinquishing he CEO title. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is formed, merging the William H. Gates Foundation and the Gates Learning Foundation.
  • Sir Bill Gates...Man Of The Year

    Sir Bill Gates...Man Of The Year
    In 2005, Queen Elizabeth II knights Gates for his contributions to the United Kingdom and the world through computers. Time magazine names him a “Person of the Year”, along with his wife Melinda and rock star Bono from the Irish band U2.
  • Graduation

    In 2007, Gates finally graduates from Harvard with an honorary degree and gives the commencement speech to the graduating class.
  • Microsoft Exit

    Bill's last full day at Microsoft was June 27, 2008. He remained Microsoft's chairman until 2014. Gates has devoted his time to social and charitable endeavors with his wife through their foundations.