bill gates time line

  • born

    bill gates was born in seattle,washingtown,usa
  • Period: to

    bill gates tmeline

    bill gates the creator of microsoft company
  • he was saw first time a computer

    in hes first school he saw a computer and he started hes love whit tecnology
  • he create hes future

    microsoft picturebill gates createdhes company microsoft
  • he was exit to glory

    he leves the university and he moved to albuquerque
  • bill gates sel hes first sofware

    he was talk whit boss of IBM and them was very happy whith the gates work
  • born windows

    the secon operative system created by bill gates company
  • the first big operative system

    microsoft windows crated wndows 3.0
  • important text

    in this date he acquires a leonardo davinchis text
  • a internet portal

    internet explorermicrosoft released the most famous navegator in the history internet expoler
  • hes frist daughter

    in this date was born Jennifer Katharine hes first daughter
  • the big success of microsoft

    wnindows 98microsoft windows created the beast operative system in hes history windows 95-98
  • hes first son

    in this date bill gate was father to second oportunity hes first son is Rory John Gates the heir of microsoft
  • a little mistake

    windows memicrosoft create the windows milenium or windows me with many expectations but the people dont like this operative system
  • other big

    windows xpmicrosoft released other operative sistem the windows xp other sucess the most popular operative system in the world
  • birth of Phoebe Adele

    it was born th third son of the millionary bill gates Phoebe Adele
  • good bye gates

    bill gates reported that he abandonated the presidency of microsoft company
  • its really gates is exit

    in this date gates abandonate hes company and dedicated to hes fundation
  • windows phone

    microsoft create windows to movile phone
  • internet explorer 9

    microsoft released the most recientinternet explore the best navegator in the internet
  • the second millionary

    the formes magazine reported that bill gates is the second millionary bigest in the world