Big business and the west

  • First oil well is drilled in pennsylvania

    Site of edwin Drake first drill was in Titusville pennsylvania.
  • Transcontinental Railroad.

    Transcontinental Railroad.
    Connected the pacific to the mid united states.
  • Rockefeller founds standard oil

    Rockefeller founds standard oil
    Dominated all other oil companies, was a huge monopoly.
  • Bell patents telephone.

    Bell patents telephone.
    Alexander Graham bell would invent the telephone for voice communication.
  • Edison inventst the lightbulb

    Incandesant light perfect by thomas edison changes the world.
  • Sherman anti trust act.

    Tried to outlaw monopolies was not effective though.
  • Carnegie steel company is founded

    Was sold in 1901 to the goverment.
  • JP morgan US steel

    Still exists today. Is th 13th largest steel producer.