Big bang - Discovery

  • Oct 24, 1054

    Crab supernova appears

    A new star inside the taurnus constellation outshines venus in the night sky. Astronomers in china and japan record it, but it is not seen nor recorded in europe, most likely due to the superstisious beleafs durring the dark ages.
  • Galileo and his telescope

    Five years after the appearence of the supernova, galileo builds his first telescope. He sees the moons of jupitor, saturns rings, the stars in the milky way and the phases of venus. He publishes his findings in a science jernal called "the starry messinger"
  • Isaac newton and gravity

    At a age of 23, a young isaac newton has a apple fall upon his head. It is from this moment that he realises that this mestrious force, called gravity, is what caues planets to stay in their orbits.
  • Big bang confirmed

    Astronomers use the new cosmic bacground explorer satellight to take a detailed sperectum annelisus of microwave background radiation. These studys help to show that the radiation patter is in the exact formation one would expect from a massave cosmic explosion.