Bertrand Russell

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    Bertrand Arthur William Russell

    Bertrand Arthur Williams Russel was a british philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, essayist, social critic, political activist, and Nobel laureate. He attended college at Trinity College in Cambridge.
    Monk, R. Bertrand Russell British Logicism and Philosopher.
  • Championing of Logicism

    Bertrand Russell's greatest achievement was the championing of logicism. He said that mathematics is in some way important to logic. In 1903 he published the Principles of Mathematics.
    Irvine, Andrew David, "Bertrand Russell", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Summer 2019 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.),
  • Famous essay!

    Famous essay!
    In 1905, Russell published a famous essay in the Philosophy Journal "Mind". This essay produced his theory of denoting phases. He state that the theory is for knowledge.
    Speaks, J. 2007. Russell's "On Denoting.
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    Contribute to Philosophy of Science

    Bertrand Russell was a great philosopher. He was one of the founders of Analytic Philosophy. He was involved to the movement of almost all logicism, ordinary language and logical positivism. His work led to symbolic logic of mathematics. He published Principia Mathematica in 1910 with two other volumes that followed. He received a noble prize for litature, an order of merit on his History of Western Philosophy in 1950 in Britian. Mastin, L. 2009. Existence and Consciousness.
  • A conversation with Bertrand Russel Video.
    A Conversation with Bertrand Russell (1952)
    YouTube 7/13/2018 by Manufacturing Intellect
  • International War Crimes Tribunal

    International War Crimes Tribunal
    Russell began an investigation and set up an unofficial international war crimes tribunal. In 1967, the US was found guilty of committing genocide in Vietnam. . This Tribunal exposed the US of the actions that happened in Vietnam. The Tribunal was meant to stop the war, but it failed. However the information in the Tribunal lead to justice. Zunino, M. 2016. International Journal of Transitional Justice, Vol 10, iss 2, pp211-229.