Bertrand Russell

  • Birth of Bertrand Russell

    Bertrand Russell was born in Wales
  • Starts studies at Trinity College

    Russell started college at Trinity College in Cambridge.
  • Contributions in the 1910's

    In 1912, Russell wrote, "The Problems of Philosophy" which is an introductory philosophy textbook. In 1914, Russell wrote, "Our Knowledge of the External World: As a field for Scientific Method in Philosophy" along with "The Philosophy of Logical Atomism", which is a series of eight lectures that we later delivered in 1918.
  • Contributions in the 1920's

    In 1921, Russell wrote "The Analysis of Mind" he writes on the logical analysis of mind In 1927, Russell wrote, "The Analysis of Matter" he writes about the logical analysis of matter In 1927, Russell wrote, "An Outline of Philosophy" he writes about characterizing philosophy.
  • Contributions in the 1940s

    In 1940, he wrote "Inquiry into Meaning and Truth". This talks about communication in philosophy. In 1945, he wrote, "History of Western Philosophy" which speaks about other philosophers. In 1948 he wrote "Human Knowledge: Its Scope and Limits"
  • Awarded the Order of Merit

    The Order of Merit was given to Bertrand Russell by King George VI on June 9, 1949, for his literature on philosophy.
  • Contributions in the 1950s

    "On 23 December 1954, he delivered his “Man’s Peril” address on the BBC.On 9 July 1955, he got Albert Einstein and numerous other luminary scientists to sign the Russell-Einstein Manifesto.In 1957, he was elected president of the first Pugwash Conference.In 1958, he founded the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament."(Bertrand Russell Society, page 4 paragraph 12)
  • Contributions in the 1960s

    "In 1960, he became the honorary president of the Committee of 100.
    In 1963, he established the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation.
    In 1967, he launched the International War Crimes Tribunal in response to the Vietnam War."(Bertrand Russell Society, page 4 paragraph 12)
  • Passes away February 2nd, 1970

    "This has been my life. I have found it worth living, and would gladly live it again if the chance were offered me." (Russell, 1967, Autobiography, “Prologue”)