Benjamin Franklin events and inventions

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    Benjamin Frankln

  • Benjamin Franklin is born

    Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. He was the youngest son of Josiah and Abiah Franklin, and became important because he would soon be a figure and a famous inventor.
  • Invents a pair of swim fins for his hands

    The swim fins helped with propelling people through the water and swimming. This was important because they helped people swim faster.
  • Franklin stove

    The Franklin was a stove that looked big and the metal stove weighed 275 pounds and it impacted society by providing a lot more heat with a lot less smoke and it warmed the house. It was able to use less smoke by having a chimney.
  • Lightning Rod

    The lightning rod was used to protect a house or building from a direct lightning strike. This was important because the building doesn't catch on fire or explode.
  • Proposes plan of colonial union at Albany Congress

    Benjamin Franklin proposed the plan of the union to form an alliance with the French which would help in wars against Britain.
  • Odometer

    The odometer was a device that registered the distance traveled by a vehicle. Modern digital odometers use a sensor to track the speed of a vehicle or to connect to a vehicle's motor.