Benjamin Franklin

  • Ben Franklin is born!

    Ben Franklin is born!
    Benjamin Franklin was born on Sunday January 17, 1706 on Milk Street in Boston Mass.
  • Ben gets married!

    Ben gets married!
    Ben Franklin and Deborah Read have a common law wedding. This means they would live as husband and wife but not be legally married. Deborah had been previously married.
  • Ben's son is born

    Ben's son is born
    Benjamin's first child with Deborah is born. He was named Francis Franklin.
  • Poor Richard's Almanac

    Poor Richard's Almanac
    Ben Franklin decided to write his own almanac and pretends his name is Richard.
  • Francis dies. :(

    Francis dies. :(
    Francis dies at 4 years old of smallpox.
  • The Franklin stove

    The Franklin stove
    Ben Franklin invents the Franklin stove. this invention directs the heat from the fire into the room instead of up the chimney.
  • Benjamin's first daughter is born!

    Benjamin's first daughter is born!
    Ben has his first daughter in 1743. Ben and Debbie name her Sarah.
  • Electricity

    Benjamin discovered many things about electricity and did experiments to prove it such as proving lightning is electricity and inventing the lightning rod.
  • USA is a country!

    USA is a country!
    Benjamin Franklin and other important Americans signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4,1776.
  • U.S Constitution

    U.S Constitution
    Benjamin helps write the United States Constitution. It's still the base of our present government.
  • Ben's death.

    Ben's death.
    Benjamin dies on April 17.1790 at the age of 84