Benjamin Button

  • Benjamin Button is born

    Benjamin Button is born
    Benjamin Button is born at the Maryland Private Hospital in Baltimore. He looks 70 years old, but really he was just born. "I can't tell you exactly who I am...because I've only been born a few hours--but my last name is certainly Button." pg.63
  • Benjamin Button first weeks

    Benjamin Button first weeks
    Benjamin button is only a couple years old, but he looks seventy and he is interested in old men things, not baby toys. "Even after the new addition to the Button family had had his hair cut short and then dyed to a sparse unnatural black, had had his face shaved so close that it glistened, and had been attired in small-boy clothes made to order by a flabbergasted tailor, it was impossible for Mr. Button to ignore the fact that his son was a poor excuse for a first family baby." pg.66
  • Benjamin Button is sent to Kindergarden

    Benjamin Button five years old, is sent to Kindergarden. He looks about 65 now and he does not fit in with the other kindergardeners. "When he was five he was sent to kindergarden, where he initiated into the art of pasting green paper on orange paper, of weaving colored maps and manufacturing eternal cardboard necklaces." pg.68
  • Benjamin age 12

    Benjamin is now twelve years old, but he looks about 58. Benjamin made an astonishing discovery that he was begining to change. "Did his eyes deceive him, or had his hair turned in the dozen years of his life from white to iron-gray under his concealing dye? Was the network of the wrinkles on his face becoming less pronounced?" pg. 68
  • Benjamin Button Applies for college

    Benjamin Button is now 18 but he looks more like a 50 year old man. He passed exams to become a member of the freshmen class at Yale, but when he went to the registrator the registator did not believe he was 18 and he sent him out. '''The idea!" he said. "A man of your age trying to enter here as a freshman. Eighteen years old, are you? Well Ill give you eighteen minutes to get out of town." pg. 70
  • Benjamin Button is 20 and he goes to work

    Benjamin Button is 20 and he goes to work
    Now Benjamin looks about 50 still. Benjamin goes to work with his father in Roger Button & Co. One night his and his dad go to a formal party at the Shelvins' country house. At the party Benjamin meets a lovely young lady named, Hildegarde Moncrief. "Hildegarde gave him two more dances, and they discovered that they were marvellously in accord on all the questions of the day." pg. 73
  • Benjamin and Hildegarde Moncrief get married

    Benjamin and Hildegarde Moncrief get married
    Benjamin is married to his much younger looking wife, which caused an upheaval in New York because they said that he did not deserve such a younger wife. "However, everyone agreed with General Moncrief that it was "criminal for a lovely girl who could have married any beau in Baltimore to throw herself into the arms of a man who was assuredly fifty." pg. 74
  • Benjamin is thirty years old

    Benjamin is looking around 40 now and he feels a lot more active and young. He started his famous business coup, and his interest in his wife went down. "It was typical of his growing enthusiasm for pleasure that he was the first man in the city of Baltimore to own and run an automobile. Meeting him on the street, his contemporaries would stare enviously at the picture he made of health and vitality." pg. 75
  • Benjamin decides to join the army

    The Spanish-American War is going on and he is not content in his home so he joined the army and he was very successful. "With his business inflluence he obtained a commission as captain, and proved so adaptable to the work that he was made a major, and finally a lieutenant-colonel just in time to participate in the celebrated charge up San Juan Hill. He was slightly wounded, and recieved a medal." pg.76
  • Benjamin is forty, but looks like thirty

    Benjamin is forty, but looks like thirty
    Benjamin returns home and he begins to realize he is looking so much younger. His wife is not ammused and blames him for being unnatural. "But there's a right way of doing things and a wrong way. If you've made up your mind to be different from everybody else, I don't suppose I can stop you, but I really don't think it's very considerate." pg. 77
  • Period: to

    Benjamin takes on new interests such as dancing and golf.

    "In 1906 he was an expert at 'The Boston,' and in 1908 he was considered proficient at the 'Maxixe,' while in 1909 his 'Castle Walk' was the envy of every young man in town." pg. 77
  • Benjamin entered as a freshman into Harvard University

    Benjamin is now fifty years old, but he has the body and look of a 20 year-old. This helps him get into Harvard. He played football at Harvard and he was very good at it, but when he got into his senior year he was not good at all because his body had become like a 16 year-olds. "He was admitted and almost immediatly attained a prominent position in the class, partly because he seemed a little older than the other freshman, whose average age was 18." pg. 78
  • Benjamin Graduates from Harvard

    Benjamin Graduates from Harvard
    Now with the body of a sixteen year-old he graduates from college and he goes home to Baltimore to live with his son Roscoe. Roscoe is not a big fan of his father. Benjamin takes on the idea of going to a prep school. "you'd better not go on with this business much longer. You better pull up short. You better--you better" pg. 79
  • Benjamin recieves a letter about his service in the Spanish-American War

    Benjamin now age 57 and looking 13 years old gets a letter that says he is being called back into service with a higher rank. He gets his uniform again and headed off the Camp Mosby, but it does not go well and he goes home. "Benjamin jumped to his feet fairly quivering with enthusiasm. This was what he had wanted. He seized his cap and ten minutes later he entered a large tailoring establishment on Charles Street, and asked in his uncertain tremble to be measured for a uniform." pg. 80
  • Roscoe's first child is born

    Roscoes child in born and Benjamin Button is a grandfather, but now he looks and acts like a 10 year-old. No one seems to pay much attention to him, and Roscoe has a very narrowed opinion on him. "Roscoe believed that 'live wires' should keep young, but carrying it out on such a scale was--was--was inefficient. And there Roscoe rested." pg. 82
  • Benjamin and Roscoe's son are 5

    Benjamin and Roscoe's son are 5
    Benjamin and Roscoe's son played together a lot and they went to kindergarden together. Benjamin took much interest into toddler things now. Benjamin stayed in kindergarden for a couple years as Roscoe's son moved up. "Roscoe's son moved up to the first grade after a year, but Benjamin stayed on in the kindergarden. He was very unhappy." pg. 82
  • Benjamins last years

    Benjamins last years
    Benjamin is now with his nurse, Nana. He is a baby and all of his memories are fading from his mind until all of the memories are gone. "He did not remember. He did not remember clearly whether the milk as warm or cool at his last feeding or how the days passed--there was only his crib and Nana's familiar presence." pg. 83