• His birth

    His birth
    Benito was born the 10 of May of 1843 in Gran Canaria. Galdos was a Spanish novelist, playwright and politician. And he transformed the novel by adding expressiveness.
  • His firts studies

    His firts studies
    He entered in the San Juan school where a pedagogy that was quite advanced for the time was applied.
  • First writings

    First writings
    He began to collaborate in the local press writing satirical poetry, essays and some short stories.
  • Dregree

    He obtained the degree of arts bachiller thanks to his talent for drawing and his creativity.
  • University

    He arrived in Madrid and enrolled in the University of Law where he met many artists and intellectuals of the time.
  • First newspapers

    First newspapers
    Then, he began writing for the newspapers "La Nación" and "El Debate”
  • National Episodes fist serie

    National Episodes fist serie
    The publication of the first series of National Episodes begins.
  • Realism

    He began to travel around Europe as a press correspondent and on one of these trips he became acquainted with the literary movement known as realism.
  • Second serie

    Second serie
    The book covers the struggles between absolutists and liberals until the death of Fernando VII in 1833.
  • Debuty of the cortes

    Debuty of the cortes
    He participated in the politics of his time and was elected deputy to the Cortes in 1886, always for republican parties.
  • Member of the RAE

    Member of the RAE
    Benito was a member of the RAE since 1987 and was nominated for the novel prize of literature. In relation to his political life, it is worth mentioning that he accepted several times to be a deputy.
  • Third serie

    Third serie
    Galdós continued with the third series, dedicated to the first Carlist War (1833-1840).
  • Fourth serie

    Fourth serie
    It takes place between the Revolution of 1848 and the fall of Isabella II in 1868. Constitutes one of the most important works of Spanish literature of all times.
  • Her last years

    Her last years
    The last years of his life were painful. He was highly criticized and had difficulties to be elected as a member of the RAE. He also suffered economic problems.
  • Blind

    In 1912 he became blind
  • His dead

    His dead
    finally died January 4 of 1920 ruined and blind in Madrid.