Ben Franklin-Tecumseh Trey Cook

  • Benjamin Franklin was born

    Benjanin Franklin was born in jan. 17, 1706. His journey begins
  • Period: to

    Ben Franklin Trey Cook

  • Ben ran away

    He could not stand it
  • Ben got married

    Ben Franklin got married to Debby.
  • Ben opened libarry

    He formed the first libray in america
  • Tecumseh was born

    His journey begins
  • Period: to


  • Tecumseh father died

    "The Shawnees attacked the soldiers at point pleastant, West Virginia , on October 10, 1774. They fought fiercely, but there were to many big knives. Many Shawnees were killed including Tecumseh father."
  • Ben Franklin went back to America

    Ben Franklin went back to America for the last time
  • Tecumseh got thrown of a horse

    His brother lead him to Tennessee but got thrown off a horse.
  • Ben Fraklin died

    His journey ends
  • 1000 warriors from severals nations destoyed an army.

    "one tousandwarriors from seval nations, including Shawnee and Maimi, destoyed an army led by General Arthur St. Clair.
  • Tecumseh retuned to Ohio

    "In 1791 Tecumseh returned to Ohio to help hold the line against the advancing Americans."
  • Tecumseh died

    His jurney ends.