Ben Folds

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  • Birth

    Ben Folds was born on september 12, 1966
  • Talents Arising

    At age 9, he became interested the piano. His father got him one sure enough.
  • Getting known

    In the latr 1980's, he and his friend Millard Powers made Mjosha. A band.
  • Break Up.

    Majosha broke up in early the early 1990's.
  • Not a family man,

    Out of all his marriages, none has succeded he has been divorced two times.
  • Ben Folds Five

    In 1995, Ben Folds Five released their album. It,followed by Whatever and Ever Amen in 1997
  • Punk rock

    He describes his previous band as punk rock for sissy's.
  • Riding Solo

    As of 2008 he has realed mulptile solo LP's. Making him well known.
  • Modern Times

    To this day, Ben Folds is currently living. Who knows for how much long but lets hope he makes some more great songs!