Beagle Voyage

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  • Plymouth, England

    Charles Darwin embarked on the HMS Beagle Voyage in 1831, when he was 22. He was the captain's assistant.
  • Cape Verde Islands

    The HMS Beagle Voyage arrives at Cape Verde Islands, and Darwin makes his first observations.
  • Crossing the Equator

    The HMS Beagle crosses the equator
  • Salvador, Brazil

    Darwin arrives in Salvador, Brazil and observes and explores Brazilian rainforests for the first time.
  • Punta Alta Argentina

    The HMS Voyage Arrives in Punta Alta, Argentina and Darwin observes several fossils, many of which hadn't been observed before.
  • Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

    the HMS Beagle's captain, Robert FitsRoy, repatriates three native people which he had taken to England on a prior voyage. FitzRoy also attempts to begin a Christian mission, but it fails.
  • Falkland Islands

    The HMS Beagle arrives in the Falkland Islands. Darwin initially had a negative impression of the islands but ultimately found several branchiopod fossils.
  • Rio Negro, Argentina

    Darwin observes the Pampas with the local people. Darwin observes the 'gauchos' lifestyle, mentioning how they live independently.
  • Chiloe Island, Chile

    The HMS Beagle arrives at Chiloe Island, and Darwin experiences an earthquake after Mount Osorno erupts.
  • Sydney, Australia

    The SMH Beagle arrives at Sydney Cove, and Darwin observes the mammals in Australia which are completely different from those which he has seen in England.
  • Cocos Islands

    the HMS Beagle arrives at the Keeling Islands, and Darwin studies coral reefs to test his theory of atoll formation.
  • Mauritius

    Darwin observes the uncultivated land of Mauritius, which consists of black lava and greenery.
  • Cape Town, South Africa

    The HMS Beagle arrives in Cape Town, where Darwin finds the Table mountain, which is made of sandstone, and the number of bullock wagons surprising.
  • Bahia and Pernambuco, South America

    Darwin explores the jungles of South America, in which he discovers several organisms which he had not seen before. The Beagle makes a detour to make longitude measurements.
  • Falmouth, England

    The HMS Voyage arrives back in Falmouth.
  • Period: to

    Galapagos Islands

    The HMS Beagle arrives in the Galapagos Islands, and Darwin finds several plants and animals which are unique but resemble mainland animals.