Beagle Voyage

  • The voyage start

    Darwin starts his trip on the Beagle voyage as a captin's assistant
  • Cape Verde islands

    Darwin fnds his first observation , and where he started writing a book
  • Crossing the equator

    Darwin crosses the equator
  • Salvador,Brazil

    Darwin explors the Brazlian rainforest for the 1st time
  • Punta alta,Argentina

    Darwin finds fossils and is amzazed by them
  • Tierra del Fuego,Argentina

    They come across across native americans
  • Falkland isalnds

    Darwin comes across primitive rocks and finds fossils inside them fossils of barchiopods
  • Rio Nergo,Argentina

    Darwin explors the pampas with the local people (gauchos)
  • Chiloe islands , chile

    -February 1835
    Darwin sees mount Osmo while on the island and expericnes in the woods near Valdivia
  • galapagos islands (sep-oct)

    Darwin finds many species of planst,animals and tortoises unique to the islands and notices the mass differnce of the animals on each isalnd
  • Sydney,Australia

    Darwin was confused as to why there differnt sets of mammals here
  • Cocos islands

    Darwin starts studying the coarl reefs growing
  • Mauritius

    Darwin saw Mimosas
  • cape twon,south africa

  • Bahia and pernambuco, south america

    Darwim comes in contact with other creatures
  • Falmouth,England

    Darwin finally got home