Battles of the French and Indian War

By Tac0123
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    French and Indian War

  • Battle of Fort Necessity

    George Washington was advised by the Half-King to take a detachment to ambush the French. him and his 40 men marched through night to set the trap. Washington ended up losing this battle.
  • Battle of Fort Duquesne

    The importance of this fort was to gain control of the Ohio, Allegheny, and the Monogahela rivers. It was the destination of George Washington before he retreated to Fort Necessity.
  • Battle of Fort Oswego

    The fort was bombared, killing the British commander. The fort surrendered, giving the French 1,700 English prisoners.
  • Battle of Fort William Henry

    This act enraged the English colonists and convinced many never to surrender to the French. After following the fort Henry massacre, an estimated 100-200 were killed.
  • Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

    The fort was later captured by Americans in their first victory of the revolutionary war. The British recaptured it in 1777 but abandoned it in 1780
  • Battle of Fort Frontenac

    The fort was capture by the British troops under James Bradstreet. Without this fort, the French could not reinforce any settlements to the west
  • Battle of Quebec

    It was a battle between James Rolfe and Marquis de Monteclam that ended in French occupation of Canada.