Baseball's Heros

  • American league was created

  • Fenway Park opens

    The park for the Bos ton Red Sox is opened
  • Ebbets Field opens

  • Babe ruth Sold

    Babe ruth was sold to the New York Yankees.
  • Negroe national league

  • Yankee stadium opens

    Home of the New york Yankees
  • Babe ruth hits his 500th home run

  • Babe Ends his career

    He Hit 3 home runs in one game
  • Babe ruth was inducted into hall fo fame

    One of the first five to be inducted
  • World war 2

    The us joins world war 2 after Pearl Harbor is bombed.
  • Branch Rickey Hired

    He was hired as the brooklyn dodgers president
  • World War 2 ends

  • Jackie robinson makes mlb debut

  • Babe ruth announced Dead

  • Hank Aaron debut

    HAnk Aaron makes his mlb debut
  • Jackie Robinson Dies

  • Hank Aarons Final game

  • Derek Jeter makes his debut

  • Derek jeter retired