Baseball Bats Then and now

  • Period: to

    Evoution of the baseball bat

  • Invention of the baseball bat

    Baseball bats started to show up around 1850 but no two bats were the same
  • I.D

    Teams had rings on their bats to their team's colors
  • Regulating the baseball bat

    Regulating the baseball bat
    The A.A.B.B.C. held meetings over the course of years to regulate the dimensions of the baseball bat
  • The first wooden baseball bat

    The first wooden baseball bat
    The first wooden baseball bat was made in Louisville
  • Rules and regulations

    Rules and regulations
    Rules and regulations were made for the wooden bat that all bats were to have a round edge and the diameter no more than 2.75 inches
  • Making a statement

    Making a statement
    After the year 1900 started, Honus Wagner, one of the greatest, became the first player to pay to have his auto graph burned into Louisville slugger bats
  • Material switch

    Material switch
    In 1924 the first metal baseball bat was made by William Shroyer
  • Eplosion on the market

    Eplosion on the market
    The Metal bat was sold more in 1970 when Worth introducedit onto the market than when it was first invented in 1924
  • The perfect bat

    After aluminum bats exploded on the market they were reviewed as the most perfect bat
  • Record Breaker

    Record Breaker
    Barry Bond broke the broke the home run record held by Hank Aaron and it was discovered he was using a maple bat
  • Combining materials

    Bats made of carbon and kevlar were being designed to be used professionaly in the M.L.B.