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Baseball bat

  • First baseball bat

    First baseball bat
    The first baseball bat was made in the 19th century
  • The next step in baseball

    The next step in baseball
    after the first wooden bat was made they started making louisvile slugger
  • Frist metal baseball bat

    Frist metal baseball bat
    the first metal bat was made out of aluminium
  • Baseball tape

    Baseball tape
    Baseball tape was made to keep the bat from slipping out of the batter hands when he swing
  • Baseball doughnut wieght

    Baseball doughnut wieght
    Baseball doughnuts was made so that bat would be lighter to swing
  • composite bat

    composite bat
    composite bat was maded for slow pitch baseball
  • Present day baseball bat

    Present day baseball bat
    So baseball bats came a long way from since baseball was started
  • Bat sleeves

    Bat sleeves
    bat sleeves was made to keep your bat clean