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Baroque Period

By trs064
  • Period: 1567 to


    Prominent in Renaissance style and composed "modern" music for this period. Composed madrigals and was viewed as a transitional figure from the Renaissance period to Baroque.
  • Period: to


    First woman to compose operas.
  • "Dafne"

    First opera created and performed in Italy.
  • Opera is invented circa 1600

    Invented by Jacopo Peri and Giulio Caccini in Florence, Italy.
  • "Euridice"

    First extant opera by Peri and Caccini.
  • Genres

  • Period: to

    Baroque Period circa 1600-1730s

  • Period: to


    Female composer of arrietas and arias, studied at the Accademia degli Unisoni.
  • Coronation of Poppea

    Coronation of Poppea
    Monteverdi's final opera, historically themed.
  • Period: to

    von Biber

    Composer and violinist, known for his significant compositions for violin. Styles categorized as sacred, violin sonatas, and ensemble music.
  • "L'astratto"

    Translates to "The Distracted One" by Barbara Strozzi.
  • Baroque Oratorio c.1650s

    Dramatic religious genre created by Handel. This genre was composed of unstaged solos, duets, and choruses.
  • Period: to


    Italian composer and violinist largely known for his influence in violin compositions, establishing the musical idea, "concerto grosso".
  • Period: to


    Singer and composer of vocal music.
  • Period: to

    Alessandro Scarlatti

    Domenico's father and educator influencing composers creating new classical music.
  • Period: to

    Elisabeth de la Guerre

    Known as, "The wonder of our century".
  • Period: to


    French composer writing in the new Rococo Style. Lots of ornamentation present in his French music.
  • Period: to


    Popular composer and music director at the Pieta, among other things. Greatest composer of the Baroque concerto.
  • Period: to


    Prolific German composer in orchestral suites, establishing the French-style.
  • Period: to


    Composer at the French court.
  • Period: to


    French composer and theorist who established the "Treatise on Harmony" (1722), beginning ideas of music theory.
  • Period: to

    Domenico Scarlatti

    Keyboard virtuoso with progressive style moving toward modern music in this period.
  • Period: to


    German composer writing Italian music, Italian operas and cantatas.
  • Period: to

    J.S. Bach

    Famous organist and greatest master of the fugue, unfortunately his works weren't published until after his death. Composed in all genres except opera.
  • Period: to

    Frederick the Great

    Gifted flute player, composed sonatas and symphonies. Ruled in 1740 and dedicated his life to support music and the arts.
  • Period: to

    C.P.E. Bach

    Bach's eldest son and primary composer of the Empfindsamkeit style, characterized by it's "natural" nature.
  • "Handel's Water Music"

    "Handel's Water Music"
    Composed of 22 movements by Handel.
  • "Le Quattro stagioni"

    "Le Quattro stagioni"
    4 violin concertos accompanied by poems written and composed by Vivaldi.
    "La primavera", "L'estate", "L'autunno", and "L'inverno".
  • The English Oratorio

    Composition by Handel, sung in English by Italian singers.
  • Messiah