Barbie Timeline (All dates are APPROXIMATE)

Timeline created by T_luvs_life_lol
  • Barbie was first introduced.

    Vintage barbie dolls were being sold, there are 7 different types of these vintage dolls. Approximately this date.
  • Ken, barbies boyfriend introduced.

    Ken, barbies boyfriend introduced.
    This was the first appearance of Ken, over the years his face and clothes have evolved.
  • Barbies little sister Skipper introduced

  • The start of the modern barbie doll era.

    The 'TNT' barbie was introduced, twist n turn. It was the first barbie with moveable features. Its hips could turn it had bendable legs, new hairstyles and a completely different wardrobe. Approximate date
  • First celebrity barbie doll made

    This doll was made to look like Diahann Carroll who played 'Julia baker' in a hit tv show called Julia.
  • Malibu barbie doll made

    Malibu barbie doll made
    The malibu barbie doll was made, she was the most famous of the 'mod' era.
  • Superstar Barbie made.

    This was one of barbies biggest transitions to a 'superstar'. This barbie featured lots of bouncy, blond hair, big smile revealing perfect white teeth and red carpet style dresses.
  • 'Black Barbies' introduced

  • Holiday Barbies released.

  • The Mackie doll and face mould introduced

  • Barbie Christmas ornaments were made.

  • Vintage Barbie Reproductions, they were considered collectables

  • Mattel introduced the Silkstones

    The Silkstones are the Fashion Model Collection.
  • Started to classify Barbies using special colour labels on their rarity

  • Released 12 exclusive Black Label dolls for adult collectors.