banking history

  • money in america

    money in america
    some british type coins were minted on american soil early as the 1650's
  • mint act

    mint act
    the mint act of april 1792authorized $10,$5,and$2.50 gold coins and $1,$50,and 25 cent silver coins
  • mint act is pass

    mint act is pass
    the mint act began operation in 1794
  • foreign coins

    foreign coins
    by 1830 many foreign coins still remainded in circulation
  • paper money

    paper money
    the us government did not print paper money itself until 1861
  • national banking currency act

    national banking currency act
    national currency act of 1863stablish standars for currency
  • banking system

    banking system
    the federal reserve act established the basic banking system in used today.
  • world war 1

    world war 1
    before worl war 1many countries didnt issue paper money , and after the worl war 1 the united states had (currency) paper money printed by the goverment.
  • change in the dollar bills

    change in the dollar bills
    design changes were made to dollar bills to combat counterfeiting.
  • 50 states coins.

    50 states coins.
    in 1999 the u mint issue quarters commemorating the 50 states