Bands of the Ages

  • Oskar Fischinger

    In the I 920s, Oskar Fischinger releases an animated film set to music.
  • Bessie Smith

    Blues singer Bessie Smith appears in Saint Louis Blues (1929), a short film based on the song of the same name.
  • Sergei Eisenstein

    Sergei Eisenstein makes a short film in 1938 called Alexander Nevsky, which includes battle scenes set to music.
  • Soundies

    ‘Soundies’ are made in 1940 for the Panoram visual jukebox.These are short films of musical selections — usually just a band playing their song.
  • Walt Disney

    In I 940,Walt Disney releases Fantasia, an animated feature film set to famous pieces of classical music.
  • The beatles

    The Beatles make two short films based on their songs Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane in 1964.
  • Bob Dylan

    In 1966 Bob Dylan performs Subterranean Homesick Blues on film.The clip includes a celebrity (writer Allen Ginsberg) and has been copied many times.
  • Australia Pop

    In Australia, promotional films by Australian pop performers are being made on a regular basis by 1966.
  • Split Enz

    In the late 1970's, New Zealand group Split Enz becomes one of the first bands in the world to produce a complete set of music videos for each song on their album True Colours and sell these on video cassette.
  • Daddy Cool

    Australia leads the way in the I 970s in the use of music videos when Daddy Cool make a short film to accompany their song Eagle Rock.
  • MTV

    The US video channel MTV is launched in 1981, beginning an era of 24-hour music on television.
  • Duran Duran

    In 1983, Duran Duran releases two versions of the music video Girls on Film: a censored
    and an uncensored version.
  • Micheal Jackson

    In 1983 Micheal Jackson spends the equivalent of $1.5 million in the making of his 14-minute video Thriller.
  • Fan Created Videos

    A number of illegal fan-created videos begin appearing on the internet in the late I 990s.