Ayotte V. Planned Parenthood

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    Ayotte V. Planned Parenthood

  • Law Is Passed

    Law Is Passed
    The New Hampshire legislature passes a law that states a minor who wishes to get an abortion must have their parents be notified 48 hours before the opperation.
  • Lawsuit is Filled

    Lawsuit is Filled
    Planned Parrenthood of Northern New England files a lawsuit in federal court to block the Abortion Law that was signed into office.
  • U.S, District Court Makes a Decision

    U.S, District Court Makes a Decision
    Judge Joseph DiCelrico of the U.S. Distric Court stated that te New Hampshire law was unconsitional since it did not provide an exception for medical emergency.
  • Another Look on the Law fom Another Court

    Another Look on the Law fom Another Court
    The first U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals located in Boston took a look at the case and heard the oral arguments from the states to restore the law.
  • Curcuit Decision

    Curcuit Decision
    The first Curcuit Court of Appeals agreed with the U.S. Distric Judge DiClerico and said that the law was unconstitutional.
  • Supreme Court Gets Involed

    Supreme Court Gets Involed
    Kelly Ayotte, representative for the New Hampshire legislature, appeals both courts decisions to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • The Supreme Court Reviews

    The Supreme Court Reviews
    After the appeal the Supreme Court reviews the law and the rulings that the court's made. Once they reviewed all of the information then they discussed what they should do for the case.
  • The Supreme Courts Ruling

    The Supreme Courts Ruling
    After reviewing the case the Supreme Court ruled that there should be an exception for women's heath and that the lower courts should decide the restrictions on the law to protect womens health.